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Unchained Growth

Meet Your Executive Officers

Robert E. Schermer, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer 

Gary A. Rose
President & Chief Operating Officer

Tracey Smith
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Meet Your Board of Directors

Chris A. Armbruster Galena, Ohio
Duane F. Kluting Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dirk J. Pruis Grand Rapids, Michigan
Joseph L. Maggini Grand Rapids, Michigan
Gary R. Rose Grand Rapids, Michigan
Robert E. Schermer, Sr. Grand Rapids, Michigan
Robert E. Schermer, Jr. Grand Rapids, Michigan
Peter D. Wierenga Grand Rapids, Michigan
Whether you are a loyal, long-time shareholder or a newcomer to our common stock or preferred stock, Meritage is the right choice for your financial future. Strength, stability and proven success are just a few of the reasons to invest with us.